Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OK not sure this is right they look small here but this is my very first Magnolia
Images were sent to me by club members and right at this moment I have no clue which one sent what.But Stephanie H ,Sherry H., Jacquie all sent me some to start me off.
I bought some images from Diana and she gracious as she is sent my little group 5 images - bless her heart. And Bev sent me the bug car cut outs as well. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Can't tell you what colors I used as it was days ago and some one put them all away for me . Saw the design maybe SCS and wanted to try it .- hope it is OK to use someone else's design.
This is all scary as I really don't want to step on any toes - or leave anyone out either.
so hope this is OK- I'll try to do better
And thanks to all that have been helping me with colors I need and ideas- your all so wonderful

This is what I put on the inside of this card

This was the first attempt to do the above card and I got the circle to small so had to use this smaller image also sent to me by one of you kind soles. But I don't know who's image it is and want to give them credit can someone help me with whos stamp design this is?

Ok so what do you all think - should I just hang it up and stick to what I know????
I put the cards on Magnolia-licious web site then cabbaged them back off as they were smaller
so unless some one can show me how you all do it this is the best you get- OK enough for now
God Bless you all you wonderful and so helpful and just a great addition to my life.
Chris C


4furbabies said...

G-rr new they where to small dang

Little GTO said...

Cute cards! The girls are cute. I wanna shop at your Goodwill!! LOL!
Sharon L

Cami said...

Very nice pocket cards! Cami

4furbabies said...

LOL Sharon L-- there's alot of people that want to do that - we have 3 of them - will never happen in a million years.
So the first one that can come up with the most outrageous reason for the copic's even being at Goodwill I will send a prize- after we get a bunch lets all vote and see who's we like best> anyone game for that

Julie said...

I love the colors. The pocket cards are really adorable.

Sharri Seffens said...

Your cards are beautiful!

Linda S. said...

Hi Chris,
I have enjoyed reading your blog that I found through our mutual membership on Magnolia-Yahoo. I do not have a blog, so I cannot offer any help on how to manage, or set one up. I am just blown away with the talent of the members on this Yahoo group. I have learned so much, and have so enjoyed studying all the pictures of peoples work. Your cards look great, and I like how you have decorated the insides of the cards.
As to your "steal" of Copic Markers, my guess is that they landed at your local charity due to the death of their original owner. Not real pleasant to think of, but somewhere on another post or blog, I have seen a saying similar to this,... My greatest fear is that when I die, my Husband will sell all my stamps for the amount I told him I paid for them!! I am so happy that they have found a good home now, and will be used to create as they were intented. Congratulations on your exciting find!! Linda S. in NE

4furbabies said...

Oh my you all are so wonderful- thanks fro the great comments on my cards. I've been at it a very long time- so kind of know how to do them it's the copic's that are getting to me .
Thanks again
God Bless