Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My first blog

OK going to try and do my first post on my blog . Never done this before so have
trouble understanding the use.
Today is a cloudy going to rain and is 78 here today here in Lafayette, Indiana.
So far it's been a great day .
Up and dressed and going to make some cards - Big Woo Hoo to that - any day that you can craft and make something to lift someone else up it's a great day right!!!
Ok so a little about me
My name is Chris -
(Umm let’s see I’m a chatter box so since it is my blog I shall chatter and you can just shut me off if I talk to much-LOL)
I am married to Duane for 8 years - we build a beautiful ranch home in 03 and I so love doing the gardens and seeing the flowers grow.- We have a large veggie garden area we put in but due to all the back surgeries I have had we decided to not do that one this year . We have a good life here. God has provided for me very well.
I grew up in Foster homes - taken away from my mother for her child abuse to me.
And it seems God just wants to challenge me for the rest of my life- I am faithful to him and I know there is a plan - haven't figured it out. But the Life I have lived has been rewarding - I cared for the elderly all my life- first in nursing homes then got into In home health care - so loved that - guess that is why the body is the way it is - lifting people twice my size- but I learned many things at the foot of the elderly as I washed and put lotion their feet.
And taking care of Hospice patients - oh my, the dear ones I have held in my arms as they went to heaven. My life was touched by each and everyone.
I have had 3 sons - lost the first from crib death he would have been 39 this coming

this Saturday - remember that night like it was yesterday .
Kevin was born 2 years later he now lives in MO with his Girlfriend and he now has 2 children - a boy and girl - Baby girl was born in May . Hope to be able to go to Kevin's in Sept as it is Cason's BD - and we haven't seen them since May.
My youngest Brad and his wife and 2 sons live in Mo too -but a long way away from Kevin.
Hate that they all live so far away - makes being grandma hard.
We have 4 furbabies - Jonah-Noah-Jacob-and Matthew
Better known as like Joanie- The BooBoo kitty-Jaky- and Mattie
Poor things don't know what there real names are.

BooBoo kitty got his nick name because whenever he gets out of Jonah's sight Jonah crys for him- he thinks Boo Boo he's his kitty-lol so I would always say "Joanie did ya lose your Boo Boo Kitty again?" And we just start calling him that.
Jonah and Noah are purchased babies from PA - they are Himalayans and brothers as they are from the same parents but Jonahs is from a litter which was only him and Noah from a litter of 8. Noah is a big 17 lbs. OK then we adopted Jacob is a biggggggggggggggggg kitty bigger then Noah - Matthew has asthma - and has to take pills everyday and have special food that I have to blend up with baby cereal- he's only 8 lbs and the sweetest baby.. Jacob is a big gray kitty -he looks to me like "Tom" from the "TOM & JERRY" cartoons- and Matty is a grey/black/ brown tiger Tabby baby.

I have been rubber stamping since 1989 and have many stamps and I do mean many - over 10, 000 - grin - addiction - what addiction? The craft room is stuffed and I so enjoy it.
I have just managed to get copic's by some fluke of nature here's that story- all true!
OK so on Wed at Goodwill it's 30% off day for us old folks- so I always go on a Wed- never on a Monday - and a never rainy Monday at that!
But one rainy Monday morning I wake up and something in my mind keeps saying go to Goodwill.
So I do
I always - ALWAYS go to the far end and make my way down the goodies isle before clothes- always on the hunt for stamps or anything for craft room before covering my butt ya know- LOL- hey priorities!!!
So this day I go down the third isle instead- why, I have noooooooooooooo clue.
as I get to the end of the isle and start to turn the corner- I see this like produce bag - like you put veggies in at the grocery store- and it's all wrapped around with packing tape - but I see lots of colors-- LOTS- and I pick it up like thief in the night looking both ways as I am sure what it is and don't want anyone else to see my find- I turn it over and the Price is................

Are you ready???????

Wait for it........

OK $5.99!!!! No kidding
I start to tremble and I go up to the counter and the lady says -" well you didn't get much today" - I usually have a cart of goodies to share with my friends-- so I say” oh I just got these old markers thought they'd be fun for the kids to play with"""
when pigs fly-- anyway I get to the car and I start to shake cause I know I have pulled off the deal of the year- even if only a few are still writable.
I when straight home and cut open my treasure- oh my word there are 88 of them and all like new!!!!!!! ( told someone 74 earlier but forgot to add the doubles )
So that’s my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!
These were bought at Hobby Lobby each had a $6.89 sticker on it- can you image!!
I have just purchased some magnolias and am new to them and of course the copic's but hey we all have to start somewhere. I thought I was a great card maker but then I see the cards on the MAGNOLIA-licious club site and it is oh my I can't color and blend things like that- I used Tombows and Marvy's before but never did blending stuff.

OK so guess is a good getting off place - hope you will enjoy my site as I learn how to use it .
If anyone wants to add and say hi I would so appreciate any comments - and as soon as I get a chance and someone shows me how I will add all those cool side sites I see on every ones blogs.
And pictures - how do I get them on here?
God bless you all and always remember :
God Never gives us more than we can handle !!!!!!
1 Corinthians 10:13


ladydiana said...

Hi Chris,
I have so enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you better. Wow 4 furbabies, they sound delightful. OmGosh what a steal you got for all those markers. Don't forget they can be refilled too.
I don't have a blog as I simply do not have the time so I am unable to give you any pointers about adding photos etc. I am sure someone will help you.


Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my goodness gracious, what a find you got with those Copics!!!! All that for the price of ONE!! I'm so happy for you!! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Can't wait to see all your fabulous creations! It was wonderful reading your post and learning a little about you. hugs!

Katie said...

That was the Copic buy of the century!
Of course now you'll be buying all the others you need to go with them, it's never ending I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,I don't have a Blog of my own, but enjoy reading other crafters Blogs.I am glad that I have you on my list to come back an visit with you. What a lucky person you are
you will Love using the Copics.
Linda W. from Texas

Barb Hardeman said...

Hi Chris, welcome to the world of blogging, another addiction besides Copics and Maggies. You've done a great job on your first post, and I've really enjoyed getting to know your life's history. Oh my dear, God indeed has a plan for you! Challenges never leaves us they just shape us. I am a foster mom and have loved 46 babies in my career. Some one told me once I would have lots of jewels in my crown, but I think they will actually be diaper pins - lol! I hope you had positive experiences in foster care and were able to feel love and acceptance throughout your growing up years.
What a steal you got on those Copics! I wish I could run into deals like that, but I just pay full price and keep collecting. I'm going to e-mail you off line to see if I can help you get some pictures loaded up. It's really easy once you've done it a couple of times. I will have to wait until the babies are down tonight...hugs...Barb in Texas

4furbabies said...

Thanks to all that have left kind words for me.
Foster care for me - nope not a good life - not at all. But I lived through it and here I am so God provides
God Bless

Scrapstampnmama said...

OMG, what a copic find!! You must be very happy, I know would be! Congrats on such a lucky find!