Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our back yard

OK so this pretty butterflies love our backyard and I so love watching them. they came to visit.
I wonder where Edwin is he could have fun chasing these babies

Chasing Butterflies

OK so here is Edwin chasing butterflies - he sure looks like he's having fun doesn't he
I can't remember what copic's I used as colored him weeks ago and but all the colors away .
I just used papers and card stock from my stash - I get it at Hobby Lobby most of the time.
OK got to get out of here so hope you all will enjoy and take a moment to sign the guest book at the bottom if you haven't sure is fun seeing all the pins in that map.
God Bless and have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Copic's

I just received my copic's to add to the ones I had so I can blend- I've been playing but haven't got a card done yet with the new colors- maybe tomorrow,
Had to go get 4 shots in my left hip- seems I turned wrong or something and bruised a bone!!!!
Yep only to this cookie-lol so have new meds that kick my butt and make me sick to my stomach and I'm just hanging in there.
I have added lots of candies in hopes of course of winning them myself but hey we all have the same chance so hopefully you'll peek at them and make sure your signed up.
If I spend more time making cards and less time looking at all of you all's cards I'd get more done.
OK so This cookie is off to bed done in for today
God Bless you all and thanks for dropping by .
If you have time sign my guest book- I've had lots of visitors but I only have 3 pins in my map would love to see where you all are from.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello everyone,
I do hope when you read the Blog you'll go down all the way and see all the cards I added in the window as well. and Sign my guest book too - would love to see were all the wonderful people that post are from. God Bless you all hope your all having a wonderful week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's another one of my creations - what do you all think ?
Shhhhhh this is for a friend's BD - don't think she will be back til it's in the mail and to her house so it is safe to show on here- smile.
So what do you all think?
Good Tuesday morning
It is sunny day and getting hot here!
I've been playing on here today, just trying to add some more cool stuff.
I now have some pictures of cards I've made in the past. And let me add that a lot of the ideas have been shown to me by my friend Marie - who I dearly love. I go for week long visits to her wonderful home in NEB about twice a year and we have the very best time making cards for a week!! A Big WOO HOO to that .
Feeling pretty good this week and working around the house that's not to exciting I know .
My life isn't that exciting really.
I'm going to get a chance to make some cards I hope . Have soooo many birthdays and cards I need to send out.
Each day I learn something on the computer, and amaze myself as to what I can do.
OK so all card makers:
Did any of you save any of your first time cards you made? And do you look at them now and go what was I thinking- lol? Ran across a bunch of mine. Hey we all had to start somewhere.
I try to remember that when looking at others cards. I learned most of my stuff on the net - but have very honored to have 2 close friends that got me started. 1st there was Marilyn in Mo, we would stamp all night. and come up with what we thought were so very cool- hey back then they were. Now days they would be so-so. How I miss those nights Marilyn.
And now I do cards with Marie and travel long distance to do that - not lately but soon I hope.
We talk almost daily and check things out and share ideas as well as cards. What would we all do without our card friends? And our on line clubs as well.
My ironing is calling me so I must get back to work- it's something I can do sitting down -so not to bad of a job.
God Bless you all for coming to visit would love for you to stop for a visit and leave a comment.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Morning everyone. Praying you all are well. Things going really well here and
I'm up and getting around quite well.
First to the Man in my life- you walked in when I had no hope in my life, you lead me to the Lord . How my life has changed with him in it. We have had many ups and downs and so many surgeries. I'm still saying zippers instead of stitches . God has blessed our life's and gave us a good one. I shall never stop giving him the praise for it all- Health /Love/Happiness/and you Duane.
I would like to take a moment and thank my friends in my life!
You all have helped me so much through many years of my life- even from way back in My MO. days .
Marilyn the times we had learning to stamp -boy we sure pulled many all nighters. And what "rich and elegant" cards they were THEN_ grin.
Marci - girl times have given us some rocky roads- many we will never understand but we all
just need to look to the Lord when the times hit hard. I know right now you are going through a lot. Praying for you.
PO Mary I sure miss stopping at the little post office and visiting with you and our friendships- our little get away lunches at the "gas station".
Barb T- What would I have done in Iowa with out you and Mike there to help my boys and I
Times were sure ruff for me back then- thanks for always letting me be the "3rd wheel".
Brenda- Praying that all is going well with you and your health - miss you being right up the street . Another "Rich and Elegant" card maker- smile.
Cindy S I'll never for get you and Of course Hans for picking me up off the "ground" that day.God sure does move in mysterious ways . He sure put some angels in front of me that day
So glad to have you both in my life. Even if I don't see you much please know your in my heart and prayers.
Tracy B- miss you and the talks we had - hope we get back to swapping soon
Tracy K- now you young lady, you keep me grounded- and walking the walk I need to no matter what else I have to deal with . Thanks for holding me accountable to the only real one that matters. Prayers to you and yours as times are ruff I know .
And Marie - oh my girlfriend what can I say to you- you are the very best . -If I could change but one thing with us it would be that you live closer so we could spend more time together.
Thank you - thank you - thank you for always being there when I call when things fall apart.
How I love the trips to your house all the way there in NEB. for weeks at a time. and your trips here. Didn't we have a blast at the convention this year with Tracy K. such fun. I don't know what I would do with out you to talk to every day. Thank God for Skype- lol

I love you all and please know all of you are in my prayers everyday -
And to all the other new on-line friends that have helped me and sent me things - God bless
you all. Hope to get back in the swing of things here and get back to card making.
Thank you all for listening and caring about me.
God Bless

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am touched that so many wanted to help me figure it out .
sorry that there was confusion as to what I wanted to do .
I would never not give the great art work on my blog their credit all I did was click on their already made stuff and am hoping all will use them but just clicking the logo in the left hand corner.
I would never use someone Else's art work as my own .
As an artist myself - I wouldn't want that to happen to my art work.
so I hope now everyone has it figured out that I got the Logo fixed before you all saw it but just going to their blog under FAQ and saw where someone else had the same problem. So I fixed it as it bugged me to not be able to read the 1st 2 lines of my post . but now all is fine.
God Bless each and everyone that bothers to read the ramblings of this old woman


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello again
I have to have the 4 furbabies on here. The Himalayans are Noah on the left and Jonah on the right. And the gray babies are Matthew on the left or front and Jacob in the back or the right .
That's my Fur boys .

my Furbabies

Oh my Now looked what I did with Peggy M. help - bless you sweetie - now it's pretty
got his little sign that will bug the daylights out of me but it's pretty back ground .
What do you all think- not bad for an old lady that doesn't have a clue???
God Bless
Don't forget to add your answer on the other post
Ok added this else where but lets play a game - lets see whom can come up with the most outrageous reason for the copic's even being at Goodwill?
I have racked my brain why anyone would do that.
Here's what my guess is .
Divorce- some poor lady left her hubby and he got mad and cleaned out the craft stuff
and had nooooooooooo clue what he was doing and just dropped all her stuff at Goodwill to get even!!
heck I don't know whats ideas do you have???
Hey I have lots of goodies for the winner we all pick.
so come back on Friday and tell me who's you pick and Saturday out goes the package to that person.
I love surprises don't you - will be like low-cal blog candy-lol
God Bless
Ok so I have the name of the other images
they are "Gorjuss Girls" by Sugar Nellie
I hope .
Ok so trying again hope these aren't to big now - bare with me - I'll get this
see below for info :

OK not sure this is right they look small here but this is my very first Magnolia
Images were sent to me by club members and right at this moment I have no clue which one sent what.But Stephanie H ,Sherry H., Jacquie all sent me some to start me off.
I bought some images from Diana and she gracious as she is sent my little group 5 images - bless her heart. And Bev sent me the bug car cut outs as well. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Can't tell you what colors I used as it was days ago and some one put them all away for me . Saw the design maybe SCS and wanted to try it .- hope it is OK to use someone else's design.
This is all scary as I really don't want to step on any toes - or leave anyone out either.
so hope this is OK- I'll try to do better
And thanks to all that have been helping me with colors I need and ideas- your all so wonderful

This is what I put on the inside of this card

This was the first attempt to do the above card and I got the circle to small so had to use this smaller image also sent to me by one of you kind soles. But I don't know who's image it is and want to give them credit can someone help me with whos stamp design this is?

Ok so what do you all think - should I just hang it up and stick to what I know????
I put the cards on Magnolia-licious web site then cabbaged them back off as they were smaller
so unless some one can show me how you all do it this is the best you get- OK enough for now
God Bless you all you wonderful and so helpful and just a great addition to my life.
Chris C

My first blog

OK going to try and do my first post on my blog . Never done this before so have
trouble understanding the use.
Today is a cloudy going to rain and is 78 here today here in Lafayette, Indiana.
So far it's been a great day .
Up and dressed and going to make some cards - Big Woo Hoo to that - any day that you can craft and make something to lift someone else up it's a great day right!!!
Ok so a little about me
My name is Chris -
(Umm let’s see I’m a chatter box so since it is my blog I shall chatter and you can just shut me off if I talk to much-LOL)
I am married to Duane for 8 years - we build a beautiful ranch home in 03 and I so love doing the gardens and seeing the flowers grow.- We have a large veggie garden area we put in but due to all the back surgeries I have had we decided to not do that one this year . We have a good life here. God has provided for me very well.
I grew up in Foster homes - taken away from my mother for her child abuse to me.
And it seems God just wants to challenge me for the rest of my life- I am faithful to him and I know there is a plan - haven't figured it out. But the Life I have lived has been rewarding - I cared for the elderly all my life- first in nursing homes then got into In home health care - so loved that - guess that is why the body is the way it is - lifting people twice my size- but I learned many things at the foot of the elderly as I washed and put lotion their feet.
And taking care of Hospice patients - oh my, the dear ones I have held in my arms as they went to heaven. My life was touched by each and everyone.
I have had 3 sons - lost the first from crib death he would have been 39 this coming

this Saturday - remember that night like it was yesterday .
Kevin was born 2 years later he now lives in MO with his Girlfriend and he now has 2 children - a boy and girl - Baby girl was born in May . Hope to be able to go to Kevin's in Sept as it is Cason's BD - and we haven't seen them since May.
My youngest Brad and his wife and 2 sons live in Mo too -but a long way away from Kevin.
Hate that they all live so far away - makes being grandma hard.
We have 4 furbabies - Jonah-Noah-Jacob-and Matthew
Better known as like Joanie- The BooBoo kitty-Jaky- and Mattie
Poor things don't know what there real names are.

BooBoo kitty got his nick name because whenever he gets out of Jonah's sight Jonah crys for him- he thinks Boo Boo he's his kitty-lol so I would always say "Joanie did ya lose your Boo Boo Kitty again?" And we just start calling him that.
Jonah and Noah are purchased babies from PA - they are Himalayans and brothers as they are from the same parents but Jonahs is from a litter which was only him and Noah from a litter of 8. Noah is a big 17 lbs. OK then we adopted Jacob is a biggggggggggggggggg kitty bigger then Noah - Matthew has asthma - and has to take pills everyday and have special food that I have to blend up with baby cereal- he's only 8 lbs and the sweetest baby.. Jacob is a big gray kitty -he looks to me like "Tom" from the "TOM & JERRY" cartoons- and Matty is a grey/black/ brown tiger Tabby baby.

I have been rubber stamping since 1989 and have many stamps and I do mean many - over 10, 000 - grin - addiction - what addiction? The craft room is stuffed and I so enjoy it.
I have just managed to get copic's by some fluke of nature here's that story- all true!
OK so on Wed at Goodwill it's 30% off day for us old folks- so I always go on a Wed- never on a Monday - and a never rainy Monday at that!
But one rainy Monday morning I wake up and something in my mind keeps saying go to Goodwill.
So I do
I always - ALWAYS go to the far end and make my way down the goodies isle before clothes- always on the hunt for stamps or anything for craft room before covering my butt ya know- LOL- hey priorities!!!
So this day I go down the third isle instead- why, I have noooooooooooooo clue.
as I get to the end of the isle and start to turn the corner- I see this like produce bag - like you put veggies in at the grocery store- and it's all wrapped around with packing tape - but I see lots of colors-- LOTS- and I pick it up like thief in the night looking both ways as I am sure what it is and don't want anyone else to see my find- I turn it over and the Price is................

Are you ready???????

Wait for it........

OK $5.99!!!! No kidding
I start to tremble and I go up to the counter and the lady says -" well you didn't get much today" - I usually have a cart of goodies to share with my friends-- so I say” oh I just got these old markers thought they'd be fun for the kids to play with"""
when pigs fly-- anyway I get to the car and I start to shake cause I know I have pulled off the deal of the year- even if only a few are still writable.
I when straight home and cut open my treasure- oh my word there are 88 of them and all like new!!!!!!! ( told someone 74 earlier but forgot to add the doubles )
So that’s my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!
These were bought at Hobby Lobby each had a $6.89 sticker on it- can you image!!
I have just purchased some magnolias and am new to them and of course the copic's but hey we all have to start somewhere. I thought I was a great card maker but then I see the cards on the MAGNOLIA-licious club site and it is oh my I can't color and blend things like that- I used Tombows and Marvy's before but never did blending stuff.

OK so guess is a good getting off place - hope you will enjoy my site as I learn how to use it .
If anyone wants to add and say hi I would so appreciate any comments - and as soon as I get a chance and someone shows me how I will add all those cool side sites I see on every ones blogs.
And pictures - how do I get them on here?
God bless you all and always remember :
God Never gives us more than we can handle !!!!!!
1 Corinthians 10:13