Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Tuesday morning
It is sunny day and getting hot here!
I've been playing on here today, just trying to add some more cool stuff.
I now have some pictures of cards I've made in the past. And let me add that a lot of the ideas have been shown to me by my friend Marie - who I dearly love. I go for week long visits to her wonderful home in NEB about twice a year and we have the very best time making cards for a week!! A Big WOO HOO to that .
Feeling pretty good this week and working around the house that's not to exciting I know .
My life isn't that exciting really.
I'm going to get a chance to make some cards I hope . Have soooo many birthdays and cards I need to send out.
Each day I learn something on the computer, and amaze myself as to what I can do.
OK so all card makers:
Did any of you save any of your first time cards you made? And do you look at them now and go what was I thinking- lol? Ran across a bunch of mine. Hey we all had to start somewhere.
I try to remember that when looking at others cards. I learned most of my stuff on the net - but have very honored to have 2 close friends that got me started. 1st there was Marilyn in Mo, we would stamp all night. and come up with what we thought were so very cool- hey back then they were. Now days they would be so-so. How I miss those nights Marilyn.
And now I do cards with Marie and travel long distance to do that - not lately but soon I hope.
We talk almost daily and check things out and share ideas as well as cards. What would we all do without our card friends? And our on line clubs as well.
My ironing is calling me so I must get back to work- it's something I can do sitting down -so not to bad of a job.
God Bless you all for coming to visit would love for you to stop for a visit and leave a comment.

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peggie said...

Chris-you are doing so good you have surpass me on your blog i guess i better get buzy and add some more things to mine....