Thursday, September 17, 2009

God Bless everyone

As I sit here today feeling pretty yucky after the biopsies I had - got lots of holes I think there are 11 or 12 . Not a good time but it was necessary.
As I sit here I am praying for all my friends, Many are suffering many different things.
Loss of family and a loss pet my heart and prayers to you. Some have lost jobs and just don't know how they will make it now, in these trying times we need to pull together to trust God to help us . Many have poor health and need to be lifted up, we never know what the lord has in mind for us or how long we will be here. Cherish each moment with each other- reach out to those in need and Pray.
You are all so very important to me God Bless

Monday, September 14, 2009

Joys of this Grandma's heart

This is Cason 8 years old
and Jessilene 4 months old
Please see all about our visit
below, such a great time we had!!!!

Visiting the Grand Children

We had the best week-end with our grandchildren - We let Thurs very early and headed to Iowa and I got to visit with 3 wonderful people that I had cared for their parents while working for Hospice . You just never forget those wonderful people.
Then we saw a friend of Duane's in Burlington Iowa and his wife . Then to Argyle Iowa to surprise a dear friend of mine that I hadn't seen since 1999. So great to see her!We then went to a friends house to stay. We got up early and stopped into one of our favorite little bake shop for a cinnamon roll before heading to the kids-we had to stop and get a gooseberry pie at the Dutchman's store which they had none yet but the lady that bakes then had them baked if we wanted to go pick one up- oh my! We got the pie and headed on our way got to Lancaster with just enough time to say hi - peek at the sleeping grand daughter and take the cupcakes for Cason's birthday party at school - it was Grandparents day at his school.
He had no idea that we were even coming was pretty cool when he stood up and pointed and said "HEY" We stayed a couple hours doing some classes and lunch and recess. Then we headed back to my son Kevin's house to see them and wait for Cason to get home. We got to play with Jessilene and then Cason and we were up and running again to go with them to a Town called Downing - which was having appreciation days and a baby contest. Little Jessilene had won 2 awards from Baby contest- one 3rd place and one second. We got watched her get another 3rd place win. Grandma was so proud!

Of course my hunk of a son holding her in the contest surely didn't have anything to do with that win ! LOL .

When then took my Grandson Cason back to his great-grandfathers house where we were staying to spent the night with us and have a big party for his birthday Sat - well it's was Sunday but we all could be there on Saturday. So My ex came and Cason was so surrounded with Grandpas and a Great Grandpa. We had a great meal of beans and corn bread - fried potatoes.

And CAKE - oh my we left after Cason opened all his presents and the cake as we had a long drive home. We got in very late Saturday and I have been trying to recover from all of that since - what a wonderful wonderful time we had.