Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ok added this else where but lets play a game - lets see whom can come up with the most outrageous reason for the copic's even being at Goodwill?
I have racked my brain why anyone would do that.
Here's what my guess is .
Divorce- some poor lady left her hubby and he got mad and cleaned out the craft stuff
and had nooooooooooo clue what he was doing and just dropped all her stuff at Goodwill to get even!!
heck I don't know whats ideas do you have???
Hey I have lots of goodies for the winner we all pick.
so come back on Friday and tell me who's you pick and Saturday out goes the package to that person.
I love surprises don't you - will be like low-cal blog candy-lol
God Bless


Barb Hardeman said...

I think it was some one who found them after her mother's death and didn't know what to do with them, wasn't into crafts herself and so dumped them off at Goodwill. How's that for a pretty good answer?

Maybe it was someone who could no longer craft and thought she would just pass them on to Goodwill. I can't believe that one myself!

You're doing very well on this blog, Chris. Good girl...

Scrapstampnmama said...

I would like to think that they belonged to one of your hospice patients that you held in your arms as they passed on to heaven. When her heirs cleaned out her belongings they donated them to goodwill not knowing what they were. Then she guided you to goodwill so that you would have them to create beautiful cards with because you are such a loving and caring person...that's my thought! *Ü*

4furbabies said...

Oh that is so sweet- and sad at the same time- could be what happened.
God Bless