Friday, January 7, 2011

OK everyone done for today . Some of these are old pictures but really good ones.
Thanks for check us out . you have to go back a page to get all I posted for today .
Just had a great visit with one of My BFF"s Tracy . Good to catch up and spend some time together. Yesterday I got to spend time with another BFF Jeannie - so good to have girl time and just chat. Thanks for caring and just being there. My other BFF Marie who's been my BFF the longest lives in NEB so can see her very often but we talk every day . Love ya all.
Coverston's -Kevin-Duane -Dad-Mom- William
Coverston MEN - Kevin- Duane-Dad- William

I did not stage this picture of Matty and Jacob they climbed in here together and I found them.

Another non staged picture of the little guys when they were babies

Matty in the high chair this time

Matthew-Jacob-Jonah- Noah
I was outside working in the garden
Now this is a handful

Nap attack !

Matty in the planter

Jonah as a baby - so cte this was the ride home from getting him in PA In 2000

Matty and Jacob so sweeet

Jonah and Noah - they are always together

Noah better know around here as Booboo kitty
Jonah and Noah 2004

This is the picture of Noah up in the Christmas tree 2000
All of the following pictures were taken in April in Iowa on a trip to see my son Kevin .
I do good work if I do say so myself . Kevin is my oldest living son.
Kevin with the "Muddy Mississippi in the background

The love of my life with the Mississippi in the background. (Pre weight loss)

Yes is is very tall! Loves to stand and look down a me LOL. Love this young man

Kevin his grandfather Glen and his dad Tim

Always the comedians! Love you both so much

Yep he's a handsome man and I made him - well I had a little help.

Love ya son
Early morning Bible study with my boys Noah,Jonah, Matty. If Mom makes a lap everyone wants in it.
Duane rented a kids movie called kitten party - not sure if we enjoyed the movie or watching the cats watch it more !!!! They watched the whole thing and wanted it again- we let them watch it 2 times -lol we're softies when it comes to our furbabies.

My birthday present from Duane ! That Man has got good taste. We call this "THE BUS"
most comfortable for me to drive and ride in ,thank you honey
My baby Matthew- "Matty"
Home summer 2010

Kitties watching TV - they love animal planet
Jessilene at Breakfast November 2010
Grandpa Duane and Jessilene Iowa trip Nov of 2010
Cason and Grandpa Duane Novemeber 2010
Cason when we went out to breakfast . Taken in Iowa November last year
Jessilene last summer

Grandson Casons school pictures such a great boy
This card I made for my hubby for our anniversary last year. It;s a Mo's image called "young love" and can be found at I just love this image Mo you really are and artist! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us . Love you my wonderful hubby!
I just printed this saying up to add in side the card.

This is "Jack and Ginger" again for MO - this is a wedding card I made for friends that got married this year Jim and his lovely bride Ruth Ann

These were made with a image some gave me a bunch of. Love this kitty

So friends and family you all know this was the cards I made for Christmas this year. 150 of them to be exact. Was a lot of running trough the cuttlebug and cutting and coloring. But I added love and prayers to each and everyone for everyone that received them. Praying you all have a healthy safe year this year. The image is a stamp by INKADINKDO number 99627

this is a MO"s Image called "Dani with gifts " found at : http:?//
I made this for a little girlfriend of mine named Mandi.
once again sorry no artist I guess my goal should be for this year to make folders of the freebies by artist so I can give them the credit they deserve.
This is a MO"s image called "cats in the Christmas tree" found at :
I love this image brings back memories of our Noah as a baby up in the tree about 3 foot lol. laying on his back sound asleep .

This is a freebie on as will did 2 of these - one for my grandson and one for nephew Ryan

This images I got from eBay - I must have forgot to write down the artist