Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Morning everyone. Praying you all are well. Things going really well here and
I'm up and getting around quite well.
First to the Man in my life- you walked in when I had no hope in my life, you lead me to the Lord . How my life has changed with him in it. We have had many ups and downs and so many surgeries. I'm still saying zippers instead of stitches . God has blessed our life's and gave us a good one. I shall never stop giving him the praise for it all- Health /Love/Happiness/and you Duane.
I would like to take a moment and thank my friends in my life!
You all have helped me so much through many years of my life- even from way back in My MO. days .
Marilyn the times we had learning to stamp -boy we sure pulled many all nighters. And what "rich and elegant" cards they were THEN_ grin.
Marci - girl times have given us some rocky roads- many we will never understand but we all
just need to look to the Lord when the times hit hard. I know right now you are going through a lot. Praying for you.
PO Mary I sure miss stopping at the little post office and visiting with you and our friendships- our little get away lunches at the "gas station".
Barb T- What would I have done in Iowa with out you and Mike there to help my boys and I
Times were sure ruff for me back then- thanks for always letting me be the "3rd wheel".
Brenda- Praying that all is going well with you and your health - miss you being right up the street . Another "Rich and Elegant" card maker- smile.
Cindy S I'll never for get you and Of course Hans for picking me up off the "ground" that day.God sure does move in mysterious ways . He sure put some angels in front of me that day
So glad to have you both in my life. Even if I don't see you much please know your in my heart and prayers.
Tracy B- miss you and the talks we had - hope we get back to swapping soon
Tracy K- now you young lady, you keep me grounded- and walking the walk I need to no matter what else I have to deal with . Thanks for holding me accountable to the only real one that matters. Prayers to you and yours as times are ruff I know .
And Marie - oh my girlfriend what can I say to you- you are the very best . -If I could change but one thing with us it would be that you live closer so we could spend more time together.
Thank you - thank you - thank you for always being there when I call when things fall apart.
How I love the trips to your house all the way there in NEB. for weeks at a time. and your trips here. Didn't we have a blast at the convention this year with Tracy K. such fun. I don't know what I would do with out you to talk to every day. Thank God for Skype- lol

I love you all and please know all of you are in my prayers everyday -
And to all the other new on-line friends that have helped me and sent me things - God bless
you all. Hope to get back in the swing of things here and get back to card making.
Thank you all for listening and caring about me.
God Bless

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