Saturday, March 19, 2011

I would so like to thank the Sonrise ABF class for giving me the honor of doing this for ALL of you, so we could show the Gray's how much we love and will miss them so. This is the 1st ever scrapbook- probably the last!! I didn't do it alone- Jeannie Williams

bless her heart with all she has going on was there to help trim and stick many days. Pat Henaday came one day for a hour or so and helped put some flowers together and we did another page as well. So much love and thought went into each page - you all wrote the heartwarming letters I just gave them a pretty place to lay - so you see we all made this book.

(I have one letter waiting to be put in it and hope there will be a couple more. want to really fill those 4/5 pages that are made but need a note yet.) Enjoy