Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am touched that so many wanted to help me figure it out .
sorry that there was confusion as to what I wanted to do .
I would never not give the great art work on my blog their credit all I did was click on their already made stuff and am hoping all will use them but just clicking the logo in the left hand corner.
I would never use someone Else's art work as my own .
As an artist myself - I wouldn't want that to happen to my art work.
so I hope now everyone has it figured out that I got the Logo fixed before you all saw it but just going to their blog under FAQ and saw where someone else had the same problem. So I fixed it as it bugged me to not be able to read the 1st 2 lines of my post . but now all is fine.
God Bless each and everyone that bothers to read the ramblings of this old woman



Handmade by Vivi said...

Hi Chris, you picked a nice background to use!
In the beginning seems so difficult to understand how it works, but you'll see that is so easy..

Sharon Caudle said...

You'll get the hang of it Chris. Don't believe anyone thought you wanted to claim someone's work as your own. Glad you got it corrected. hugs

Barb Hardeman said...

So glad you finally got it figured out Chris. Your blog is looking beautiful!