Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here are some of my cards

Just love this images - as a caregiver to the elderly and Hospice most of my adult life- I just relate to her. She is from http://digitalpenciltoo.com/ - "Mo's" has many of these on her site.
I just love her images and have a bunch - so all the cards you will be seeing today are from her collection. This Images is called "Mummu".

On this card I tried something different with the ribbon and kind of like the different look of it.
No special paper here- just stuff from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. And I have no clue what colors I used on what . heck I'm good to remember my name most days . I just color them as I see them. I love my "Copic's"- and it is a work in progress- always looking to get better with them
This Image of "Mo's" is called "Patience" - lol -so do you think it is because it is the little girl's name-??? LOL This kitty is the splitting image of our Himalayan kitty "Jonah".
Inside this card I put the message "Meowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I did a bunch of cards right before Christmas and took wonderful pictures of them and
when I went to put them on the computer some how the just didn't show up there and were gone!!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.
I I called my friend Marie, she received a bunch of them from me so she was kind enough to take a few pictures of them for me.
This of course is "Patience" again only with a different lay out of the card. And inside this card I did "Hold me-Squeeze me-make me purrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

This image of "Mo's" is called "Door with a Wreath".
I colored this image twice and cut one lay to just the door and shovel, and layered it up.
My friend Marie had told me how to make homemade Flower Soft by just taking cheap styrofoam and rubbing it together to make tiny crumbs- then you add re-inker- well I did step one but decided to leave it white and use it as my snow accent on this card. I added it to the top of the shovel ,the accent on the wreath,top of the door and on the sides of the door. then just a small amount on the welcome mat. I added some red glittery embellishments on the wreath as well. This card is so cool in hand.
And last but not least "Mo's" Halloween Kitty"Bat Cat". nothing special about this card
just another I did and Marie sent me the picture back of.

So there you have my little collection hope you enjoyed them and will take time to read the other additions I added today . God Bless


Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Love the cards! The Christmas wreath is stunning and Mo's little girl holding the kittie is just precious! I imagine if our cat let my little one get that close to him, the result would be quite similar!

Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, how frustrating to have lost those pictures. Thank goodness you were able to retrieve some of them. I adore Mo's images! They all just come alive when you color them. Your Copic work is getting very good! Love to see how you've grown and what you're up to! hugs...Barb

Kerttu said...
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Kerttu said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. The bunny you can find over at http://www.papercraftplanet.com/group/mosdigitalpencil
It's a freebie over there:)

By the way, you make really beautiful cards:)