Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to our Home

Hello again - Wanted do share some more pictures of our home this Christmas Season and give an update on my health.
I have severe Bronchitis - went to the doctor and have been back on the breathing machine and inhalers and antibiotics and so much stuff I could barely maneuver.
But God's not done with me yet!!! Feeling some what better today and the last of a bunch of medications have been taken so hopefully I will get some of my energy back.
Duane is back hard at work at Caterpillar - and things look pretty good for no more rolling lay-offs for a while. God has sure blessed us during this trying time when so many are laid off or just with out jobs at all. We sure don't take this for granted - God provides.
Here are some Pictures of our home this Christmas:

Trying to take the Christmas things down. That's a chore to be sure .
I am torn as to if I even want to take one of the trees down as it is soooo very pretty and a gift from Hubby. Two weeks before Christmas, hubby and I had checked out this new store in our town and saw this beautiful "Lavender" Christmas tree - yep and I just loved it. Was very pricey - and Hubby said we can check it out after Christmas. You see our master bedroom is all done in purple and lavenders. And the joke was we need that tree for the bedroom. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up with one. Yep lavender tree with Dark purple balls and also turquoise ones (they had those 2 colors on it in the store and it was wonderful). We got the tree day after Christmas and then looked around in different stores to find Purple and turquoise decorations for it . It comes already with the lights. Hubby told me I could put it up if I wanted. I did so much fun seeing it come to life. Oh my you go in the bedroom flip the light switch and there it stands in the corner. Duane said " You can leave it up all Year if you want."
Tempted I am but then it won't be as special. So what do you all think??? Up Or down-lol.
Have a blessed Day . Isn't silly that the simplest things can make your day ?
I have more to come some pictures and cards to add best get busy here.


Anonymous said...

Ooh Chris, these photos made me home-sick for our visits! A couple of cards put me in tears as I miss my favorite stamps and stamper. I guess I just had to give up too much too fast!

Firenze said...

First - I hope you're feeling tons better!
Second - how gorgeous are these cards? And the pics of your home - so lovely of you to share them!
Firenze Cards

Barb Hardeman said...

Your Christmas decorations are gorgeous. You must have spent hours and hours putting it all up. That's always the fun part, taking it down is the hard part...love the snow...wish we had had sust a little bit for Christmas, still I'm glad I'm not shoveling my way out of my driveway...hugs...Barb