Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh my a year has gone by

Well friends and family - where does the time go!
I am once again on the mend from yet another surgery - hopefully when the biopsy comes back all will be well and good. Surgery was Jan 5Th to remove a small mass. Feeling good today and going to rest and work on updating the blog. (about time huh!)
So many have stopped by to check out my art work and to visit . Thanks for all the wonderful comments and cares you have left on my blog.
My wonderful caring husband gave me the best Christmas ever! I've lost now 55lbs since March - so very happy for that. Because of that I didn't have a winter coat that fit anymore so we went on a search for one- started a Target- found a great black one fit great - couldn't wait to take the old one off and put the new one n that fit. We then went to walk around the mall - pasted a store with this purple lined coat that was white and black and purple plaid, hubby wanted me to try it on. Yep you guessed it - he got it because he said it looked great. Well I had to wear it out of the store so the new black on went n the sack. Then we decided I need scarfs to match and we looked around many places and ended up at Cato's and told the lady we were looking for a purple scarf and I had on all purple so she comes up to us and says "well no scarf the color you need but I did find this on the mark down rack and thought you might like it." Oh my I looked and Duane and said "NO, you've got me enough. " He just laughed and said " ya better try it on Cookie - it's your color and screaming your name ." - So I did it's the prettiest purple coat - and yes he got that one too!!!!!!! Spoiled who me ?????? LOL
OK he got me lots of other things as well. Never wants anything for himself - g-r-r-r-r- I managed to sneak a few things in for him that he needed.
We wanted to have a 2 week Christmas trip to see friends and family till the Doctor said we could go only for a week as needed to come back in a week for a recheck. So then we just went to Charlotte to Dad and Mom Coverston . we also got to see William, Duane's youngest brother, and his wife Christi and nephews Andrew, Ryan. What a great time we had. We also got to go visit one of Duane's Aunts and uncle that as been feeling poorly. So very good to see them and have lunch with them with Dad and Mom. We had to leave Christmas morning before having Christmas dinner with the family due to the bad weather and storm that was head to the mountains -we needed to get over the mountains and back home before the bad weather so we could keep the Doctor visit. We hated to leave as Mom had worked so hard but it couldn't be helped . We saw many wrecks and did get in the storm but God guided us and kept us safe as we watched others in front of us spin out of control. We said a lot of prayers for those people and for our own safety as well.
Lets see what else should I up date you on?
Oh our dear Jacob got out on us and we never could find him - we just pray that some nice family has him and is loving on him. Can't bare to change the name of the blog to 3furbabies!
We manged to survive the rolling lay-offs at Caterpillar this year. It was pretty scary there for a while but we made it through. So many people weren't so lucky and are still out of jobs .
We've made many new friends in our ABF class at Church and are really working on getting connected with our church. 2011 is going to be a great year!
I've made many great cards this year and will add them after this post for those card makers wishing to check them out.
I had to give up many of the gardens around the house as my back just doesn't permit me to do all the cares there.
I have done some remodeling in the house with paint and some new furniture - looks so homey and like a new house we just feel so very blessed to have these blessing to be able to do the things we can. WE never take any of it for granted and give praise to God for these blessings .
The greatest blessing God ever gave me was Duane! I surely don't know how I could have made it with all the surgeries I have had in the 10 years we have been married we counted it's 5 in the 10 years - Duane is my rock and spoils me terribly . Our marriage has grown so much in the last year, God is working so hard in both of us to make us stronger together and in each of us as well.
So very thankful for our many friends and family that have stood by us in the trials we have gone through. We are stronger for it, God's lessons are never easy but always worth it in the end.
And to my dearest husband, I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow, thank you for loving me and caring- holding my hand and even making funny faces, at the most inappropriate times, you the best!

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Barb Hardeman said...

Oh, it's so good to see that you've been working on your cards, Chris! Each of these is wonderful. I won't comment on every single one. I hope now that your surgeries are over for every. Bless your dear man for all the special things he is giving you. Your must be loved very much!